Choice Skills of Purchasing School Furniture

- Jul 12, 2019-

What skills do you have in choosing classroom furniture? Children like classroom furniture with full personality and distinctiveness, but they can not ignore the function, practicability and comfort of classroom furniture. If the shape can not meet the use requirements, blindly pursuing visual effects will inevitably have adverse effects on children's sleeping posture, sitting posture and skeletal development. The shape of classroom furniture should be simplified and interesting. It should combine function, color, material and form to form a unified whole of visual effect and psychological perception. Some large pieces of school furniture, such as student apartment beds, should not be designed too exaggeratively due to the use cycle. Some small pieces of classroom furniture, such as student desks and chairs, can add some lively elements that children like.


The safety of school furniture can be divided into two kinds. Firstly, physical safety refers to whether the strength of school furniture meets the standards, whether the edges and corners of school furniture have been properly handled, and whether other designs are potentially dangerous to children. Because children are naturally lively, school furniture must be safe and stable, if necessary, it can be fixed, so as to avoid the damage caused by the baby's overthrow of school furniture. This is also one of the selection techniques.

In addition, you can also choose classroom furniture in this way. Does the material, glue, paint and process of classroom furniture contain harmful chemicals, such as various harmful heavy metals, benzene, phenols and free formaldehyde, etc. Baby is still in the period of physical development, and its resistance to harmful substances is very weak. Therefore, the chemical safety of classroom furniture is of great importance to baby's physical development and health.