Choosing school furniture should pay attention to decomposable aromatic amine and ventilation function

- Jun 04, 2019-

School furniture is loved by parents for its colorful and exquisite design. However, the quality problem has become an invisible killer of children's health. The "quality gate" incident of school furniture is common, and the safety problem has become the biggest hidden danger behind the brightness of school furniture. The State promulgated the General Technical Standards for Children's Furniture, which made mandatory requirements for "safety requirements" and "warning signs" to ensure that children can have a safe and environmentally friendly home environment. However, in the process of choosing and purchasing, consumers still need to master certain skills to avoid falling into the trap of quality gate.

1. Colourful school furniture should be decomposed with aromatic amines.

New Standard: General Technical Standard for Children's Furniture limits antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium coated on school furniture surface, which increases by 4 kinds compared with adult furniture standard. Free formaldehyde in leather and textile fabrics must be 30mg/kg (higher than the standard of 75mg/kg for adult furniture) and the use of decomposable aromatic amines is prohibited (there is no requirement for adult furniture standard). In addition, phthalates in plastics are limited to less than 0.1%.

Reminder: When purchasing classroom furniture, you should ask the school furniture manufacturer for a test report to see if the above limited substances are qualified. Especially when purchasing colorful classroom furniture, we should focus on whether it contains decomposable aromatic amines. Decomposable aromatic amines are used in industrial dyeing, which is not only cheap, but also not easy to fade after dyeing, but also harmful.

2. Closed classroom furniture must have ventilation function

New Standard: When classroom furniture products have airtight and airtight space (such as the space formed by doors or covers and other parts), and the closed continuous space is greater than 0.03 m3, and the internal size is greater than or equal to 150 mm, a single opening area of 650 mm3, two unobstructed ventilation openings at least 150 mm away, or one and two 650 mm3 should be set up. The effective area of the ventilation opening, and the door can not be equipped with automatic locking device, the opening force should be small.

Shopping Reminder: This may be a problem that some parents tend to overlook when choosing wardrobes or side cabinets for their children. Because we are familiar with adult furniture design, did not emphasize this requirement.

In fact, children's playful nature determines that they often like to drill into small spaces such as students'desks and chairs, students' apartments, beds, wardrobes, closets and so on. Designing vents for wardrobes or other closed school furniture in children's rooms can effectively prevent children from suffering from asphyxia after mistakenly entering. Drama. Before placing an order, you must remember to check whether there are ventilation vents in school furniture, whether the ventilation is good or not, if you use a little force, you can easily switch the cabinet door.