Four Points for Attention in Structural Safety in Purchasing School Furniture

- May 01, 2019-

1. Anti-asphyxiation: The continuous space of the enclosed school furniture cabinet is more than 0.03 cubic meters, and the internal dimensions are larger than or equal to 1.5 meters. That is to say, when a enclosed space can accommodate a child, it must have certain ventilation and ventilation function.

2. Anti-clip: The holes and clearances of classroom furniture should be controlled within the range of <6 mm or <12 mm.

3. Breakproof glass: except in areas above ground height or children's standing surface height of 1600 mm, school furniture can not use glass parts;

4. Anti-collision: Classroom furniture should not have dangerous protrusions. If there are dangerous protrusions, protective cover should be added to effectively protect the area that may be in contact with skin.