Future tuyere of school furniture in environmental protection

- Jul 01, 2019-

In recent years, the safety of school furniture, which mainly refers to the excessive content of heavy metals and VOC affecting children's intellectual and physical development, has become a topic of discussion. The constant exposure of school furniture problems has touched the heartstrings of countless parents, but for some school furniture manufacturers, they still go their own way and still use solvent-based paint products containing a lot of VOC. With the continuous upgrading of consumption, pressure and pressure from the consumer side will become the key to awaken the consciousness of many school furniture manufacturers. The reform of school furniture manufacturers is imperative.


Different from adult furniture, the particularity of classroom furniture is that with the growth of age, the demand focus of classroom furniture will change, and there are higher requirements for safety, environmental protection, color function and so on. School furniture manufacturers fail to fully recognize the classroom furniture points of view and difficulties on the premise of proceeding with the design, production and sales, will inevitably lead to the above-mentioned situation.

In the general perception of consumers, the key factors to consider school furniture are environmental protection, safety and design sense. In fact, the main points of school furniture are three sections, fashion - whether the design style is unique; whether the policy - whether it meets the requirements of relevant national and industry standards; whether it is beneficial to children's growth and mental development. School furniture manufacturers should make full efforts and preparations in these three aspects before launching each series of products.

Classroom furniture products with distinct design style and characteristics are the first factor to win the favor of children and parents; it is imperative for school furniture manufacturers to design and produce them in strict accordance with the standard of GB28007-2011 "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture", the first national standard for classroom furniture in China, so as to ensure the safety and environmental protection of each product. At the same time, research and development in color, function and other aspects to create products and space conducive to children's growth and mental development is the direction that some school furniture manufacturers have started, and also the huge market and outlet.