Keep an eye on school furniture

- Jun 11, 2019-

At present, 90% of school furniture is made of medium density board, particleboard and so on. Only a small amount of school furniture is processed from pine and other laminates, which often leads to excessive harmful gas content in children's houses. Most of the school furniture on the market only indicates the harmful substance content of the board, but does not contain the harmful substance content such as paint. Among all kinds of furniture, brightly colored lead-containing paints account for a large proportion. Tests show that orange paint has the highest lead content among 23 samples of lead-containing paints, and the rest are yellow, green and brown in turn.

In addition, parents in the purchase of classroom furniture, but also carefully check whether the classroom furniture testing report is a simple board testing or including paint testing, when signing a sales contract, the environmental protection guarantee should be clearly written, if the school furniture manufacturers refuse to sign a guarantee, it is best not to buy.

It is better to choose school furniture with less amount of adhesives, whose formaldehyde content is relatively low. The environmental protection level ranges from low to high: medium density board, particleboard, large core board, plywood, laminated wood, laminated wood, solid wood.

It is suggested that parents should pay more attention when choosing children's furniture.