Multifunctional School Furniture

- May 20, 2019-

Compared with ordinary school furniture, multi-functional school furniture, which can accompany children's growth, meet the needs of life and learn from all ages, also appears in furniture stores one after another. Can bring more creative changes to children's room space, ergonomic design is more in line with children's daily needs, children's multi-functional furniture seems to have a lot of promotional highlights. However, we visited the market and found that at present, the variety of children's multi-functional furniture is limited, because of price reasons, parents'acceptance is not high.

Because of the implementation of the policy of "two children alone", many parents are more optimistic about the space-saving ability of multi-functional school furniture. High and low student apartment beds, drawer student apartment beds, adjustable height of student desks and chairs are popular products for parents'consultation.

High and low students'apartment beds are suitable for families with high stories. Changing students' apartment beds can solve the problem. If the stories are not too high and the area is not too big, we can consider drawer type double students'apartment beds. By putting the beds in during the day, we can give children more space to walk and play. At night, we can pull them out. Two beds.

Adjustable height students'desks and chairs are also popular. There is a difference in age and height between the two children. It is not appropriate to use the same desk and chair for students. It is much easier to adjust the height, which is conducive to children's study in a comfortable environment without affecting their healthy development.