Parents pay most attention to safety and practicality when purchasing school furniture

- May 08, 2019-

According to a brand school furniture store manager, multi-functional school furniture should be small, concise, simple and novel, and should add elements conducive to children's observation, thinking and play, such as students'apartment beds, slides, desks, wardrobes, bookcases designed into a combination of furniture, to encourage children according to their personal preferences. Self-assembly or random combination, so that children's rooms can continue to change.

According to a survey, 69.2% of families think it necessary to buy multi-functional school furniture. Almost all parents will ask for multi-functional school furniture when they buy school furniture for their children. Many school furniture manufacturers are equipped with special interpreters.

The multi-function of the whole house is not recognized by parents. Compared with other multi-functional school furniture such as bookcase, desks and chairs for students and apartment beds for grown-up students are the most multi-functional school furniture parents want to buy. The survey shows that 41.7% of parents are willing to buy desks and chairs for students and 33.3% of parents are willing to buy apartment beds for growing students. In some stores with more beds for growing students'apartments, the sales of growing students' apartment beds can even occupy half of the market.

To buy furniture, especially school furniture, safety and practicality are the most important. There is no need to buy a whole set of furniture for the sake of good looks or fashion. Choosing a few items you want is a necessity. After all, these two kinds of children have the most contact with each other. Other wardrobes and bookcases are allowed as long as the room area permits. Put it down, just use it.

The survey showed that 76.9% of the households in the survey did not buy multi-functional classroom furniture, the most important reason is the price factor. We visited the market and found that the price of a common solid wood student apartment bed is about 1500 yuan, while the multi-functional student apartment bed with the basic can not find more than 2000 yuan, more than 3000 multi-functional student apartment bed is common.