Some Suggestions on Choosing Classroom Furniture

- May 08, 2019-

Classroom furniture environmental protection is very important to buy remember to sign environmental protection contracts

With the arrival of the "two-child" policy alone, everything about children has once again attracted attention. School furniture, as a "small partner" accompanying children's growth, has attracted great attention for its quality and safety. A recent visit to the market found that with the importance of environmental protection performance, many school furniture began to advertise "zero formaldehyde", professionals said that zero formaldehyde school furniture is almost non-existent, but safety and environmental protection is still a factor that should be paid attention to in the selection of school furniture.

In addition, it is the wish of many parents to create a dream world for their children. School furniture collocation, maintenance, there are certain methods and know-how, learn to use well can make children's space more colorful.

Bad school furniture can be murderous or harmful to children

In addition to environmental protection, safety is also a classroom furniture selection process, we should pay special attention to. The General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture, implemented in August 2012, imposes many compulsory regulations on the safety of classroom furniture, such as stipulating that classroom furniture should not have dangerous sharp edges and tips, that it can be touched at a position below 1 600 mm from the ground, that the corner and edge parts should be treated by chamfering or chamfering, and that the radius of chamfering should be given. Not less than 10 mm, or the length of the inverted arc is not less than 15 mm. If dangerous protrusions exist, protective caps or caps should be added to protect them.

Recent visits have found that some classroom furniture has sharp edges. In addition, in many furniture wholesale markets, some miscellaneous classroom furniture still exists jerry-building, rough craftsmanship and other issues. In addition, some classroom furniture has poor stability and is prone to collapse when subjected to collision.

Colour collocation is vivid but not too gorgeous

Childhood is a good time for children's creativity and personality formation. Bright colors can attract children's attention and curiosity to stimulate children's creativity. Studies have shown that children with introverted and weak personality should use school furniture with strong color contrast; children with violent personality should use school furniture with soft lines and elegant colors. Anyway, when choosing home color matching for children, it is not appropriate to choose dull and dull school furniture.

However, some insiders remind that the color of school furniture comes from paint. Organic tests show that the brighter the paint color, the more heavy metals such as lead, which is mainly caused by lead compounds in paint pigments. The test results show that the lead content of orange paint is the highest among 23 lead-containing paint samples, and the rest are yellow, green and brown in turn. Therefore, parents should not choose school furniture with too bright color.

Careful Use of Glass Material and Selection of Wood and Cloth Art Classroom Furniture

In addition to environmental protection and safety, material is an important factor that parents pay close attention to when they buy classroom furniture for their children. Salesmen reminded that, generally speaking, classroom furniture is not suitable to use ordinary glass materials. If the transparent material must be used for aesthetic reasons, it is suggested to use tempered glass or organic sheet instead.

In recent years, the rise of natural trends, so that wooden classroom furniture popular, professionals introduced, in line with environmental standards of wooden furniture, is also a good choice for classroom furniture.

In addition, children's room can also choose some cloth household appliances, such as students'apartment bedding with pure cotton, high safety factor. Some cloth household products, such as storage bags, can also cultivate children's interests and habits to take the initiative to clean up the groceries.