Why are traditional desks and chairs eliminated?

- Jun 25, 2019-

With the improvement of living conditions, people's understanding and quality of accepting new things are further improved. Children's acceptance of the rich cultural influence, many times the requirements for students'desks and chairs will also be higher and higher. The heavy students' desks and chairs in our childhood have been eliminated, and now they like to pursue personality. Wait for some desks and chairs.

Judging from the growth of teenagers, good material conditions make many children grow up very fast. If the school still uses the old students'desks and chairs, it will affect the class and health.

At this time, the elevation of desks and chairs can be achieved, adjusting the height of desks and chairs at any time, improving the students'height, desks and chairs are not high enough. Shanghai Shimin School furniture has been committed to do a good job of students'desks and chairs, lifting desks and chairs is the development of innovation, do for students, do children like desks and chairs.