A Positive View On School Furniture

- Oct 21, 2019-

This year we are certainly seeing a more positive outlook, with an increasing percentage of  the teachers surveyed feeling they have sufficient suitable furniture infrastructure compared with the previous year.

So, despite a slight increase in satisfaction with their furniture provision, schools’ views of rising budgets is bringing an increasing demand for new furniture.


So, what is causing this current increase in demand for furniture in schools? there has certainly been growth in the furniture sector – we are seeing a greater requirement to maximize space. Schools are not getting any bigger and with pressure on pupil numbers, making the most of every inch is important.


There is no doubt that more schools have the budgetary confidence to invest in classroom refurbishment and there is a growing realisation that comfortable ergonomically correct furniture aids learning through improved concentration spans and behaviour. modern school furniture is also easily adaptable to suit differing teaching styles.”
There are a number of reasons for the increasing forecast of investment. Firstly, schools are looking for innovative ways to increase storage space, as rising pupil numbers are putting pressure on classroom space. flexibility of learning spaces is also a key topic as the increased introduction of technology focus schools on how areas such as libraries can be used in the future. the renewed importance of practical science bodes well for specialist furniture in this key area of study.”


we have seen increased demand for modular, multi-functional furniture. as existing schools are refurbished or extended, consideration is being given to making previously idle spaces into useful learning zones and this is leading to an increase in purchases of flexible loose furniture.”


It is therefore good news for schools. However, as the sector’s trade association who works with the Government to support the improvement of standards, we must remind schools that buying furniture that will both help support learning and safeguard student’s health is vital.


Recommends that schools consider each of the following keys when purchasing school furniture. these are health, safety, durability and strength, sizing, mobility and functionality and of course after care and servicing.