Anyone With A Restaurant Knows That Canteen Furniture Selection Is Very Important

- Oct 12, 2019-

Schools are the place where teenagers are the most. Today's adolescents' innate nutrition and acquired quality of life are very superior, and there is a significant improvement in both physical and psychological aspects. Therefore, the school restaurant needs a comfortable dining table and chairs, so that students do not feel uncomfortable when eating.

The most commonly used materials of canteen table & chair board like high density board with Fireproof cover , high density board with melamine cover ; fiberglass materials and stainless steel...etc. But Fiberglass material cost is relatively low, and the table top is prone to crack deformation, poor slip resistance, insufficient anti-friction ability, so we usually not recommend for our clients. Among these, the best quality is the high density board with fireproof cover table top. In the later stages of development, dining table and chair was made of curved wood and fireproof board, this materials also we always recommend it for our dear clients. HDF with Fireproof board material: It has a high ignition point and is more suitable for the school or restaurant. The anti-skid coefficient is high, the anti-wear ability is high, and the production process is more environmentally friendly and the shape is more flexible. And the overall structure of the canteen table frame still uses steel frame ,which is simple and bright in structure, and is durable & strong. The most important thing is that its formaldehyde content is lower than the national standard, the new desktop does not have any pungent smell ; on the contrary, other low-cost particleboard has uneven desktop, easy to foam, formaldehyde pungent smell and so on. As general speaking, common dimensions for your reference: 4-Person: 1200*600mm ; 6-Person: 1600*600mm ;  8-person: 2000*600mm

Enterprise purpose to our clients you do not have to worry about it being damaged soon, and then you have to buy it again and spend more. At the same time, hope that the products can benefit you. Which will in-turn benefit for both of us in our interest.