Auditorium Chair Introduction

- Nov 04, 2019-

The auditorium seat is mainly composed of four parts: seat, backrest, armrest and foot. Typically, the foot and armrest are combined to form a securely mounted armrest. The combined structure is generally a steel-wood structure or a steel-plastic structure.


1. Auditorium chair standing

There are two ways to land: a one-leg landing (single-foot landing) and a handrail landing (the standing feet are directly connected to the handrail). The center point of the one-footed seat and the standing foot support seat is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also facilitates the connection of the seat foot to other environmental facilities such as a ventilator, power supply interface, and the like. Due to the complicated connection of the single-legged mechanism, the cost of the single-legged mechanism is correspondingly increased. The handrail landing method is firm and reliable, and the fixed installation is convenient, and the structure of the armrest and the foot is simple. Standing feet are the basis of the auditorium seat. In general, the anchor bolt is directly fixed to the ground.


2. Auditorium chair armrest

Handrail structure: The armrest of the auditorium chair is the basic support for the entire seat.

Metal frame: The armrest frame is basically the support connector for the entire auditorium chair.

Handrail: Made of wood, plastic or other materials.

Writing board mechanism: The meeting record writing board mechanism can be installed on the arm of the auditorium.


3. Auditorium seating

Generally composed of fabric, sponge pad, inner frame, rotating mechanism and outer plate.

Fabric: Made of flannel, velvet or car velvet, some are leather or artificial leather.

Sponge pad: made of polyurethane foam

Inner frame: According to different designs, the simple structure adopts curved wood splint and plastic plate, and the high-grade seat adopts spring metal frame and plastic inner casing.

Outer panels: Depending on the design, they can be made of wood, plastic or other materials. Its main function is to decorate the connection with the recycling agency.


4. Auditorium back

It generally consists of a fabric, a sponge mat, a liner and an outer panel.

Fabric: Made of flannel woven, some are leather or artificial leather.

Sponge pad: made of PU (polyurethane) foam cotton


5. Auditorium chair writing board

Writing board is an accessory designed for chairs used in conferences or lectures. It's convenient to take notes, put files and books in a meeting or class.


6. Auditorium Chair Cup Holder

The cup holder is divided into an arm cup holder and an outer cup holder. The armrest cup holder is mainly used in cinemas and places that are often used. Most arm cup holders are designed to be integrated with the armrest.