Be An Influential School Furniture Manufacturer Around The World With Action

- Jul 30, 2020-

   While improving product quality, EVERPRETTY is also demonstrating its strength as a leading brand of school furniture to the inside and outside of the industry, as well as its service experience leading role for the entire industry. Comprehensively improve the delivery quality and become the most trusted school furniture brand for global users.

    In addition to developing school furniture business with technology, EVERPRETTY has also been improving its own construction delivery quality. Many companies in the school furniture market generally focus on sales and delivery, but in essence, excellent construction sites and excellent construction teams can guarantee perfect delivery, and delivery is the core competitiveness of school furniture companies. School furniture is a very complicated thing which involves every aspects. However, what consumers care most about is the final result, and the school furniture company can present a good delivery result to consumers with the best quality of school furniture. After all, it depends on the internal levels of workers, construction teams and construction management. According to the international standard of ISO, TUV, BV, EVERPRETTY dares to promise 10 years of integrity warranty which is covering dormitory furniture, classroom furniture, canteen furniture, laboratory furniture and other items. So that customers can buy school furniture with much more comfortably and more worry-free. We want to be the most trusted school furniture brand for global users with action.


    School furniture is not a short term use of a few months, it is a long term use for 5 years or 10 years. EVERPRETTY has always believed in making one school project will have a contact with a group of friends. In order to reassure more parents and teachers, EVERPRETTY will regularly organize construction process training internally, so that front-line workers can continuously learn new technologies and processes in the industry, and continue to accumulate experience to improve construction quality. In addition, we often host the working skill competition to let our worker to compete with each other to let them master their skill. This kind of benign competition has also allowed EVERPRETTY's construction technology to be far ahead of the industry average, and that is also the cornerstone of EVERPRETTY's good reputation from users for many years. We believe that EVERPRETTY can still exert its advantages in serving customers in the future, and continue to move forward on the direction of technology and digitization, and also provide more schools with high-quality school furniture at a competitive price, so that more students can use high-quality school furniture. Comfortable student desks and chairs, student dormitory beds, contribute to the global school teaching space environment.