Better Classroom Seating For Learning

- Oct 29, 2019-

Today’s students are less likely than any previous modern generation to end up in a sit-down-all-day cubicle job. so why are many schools around the country still using this model for classroom seating ?


Furniture and features in the class that were ergonomic and comfortable for the students were significantly correlated with learning progress. the study also found that when students’ work was displayed permanently, it gave students a “sense of ownership” over learning and significantly boosted self-esteem. this is something to keep in mind when designing classrooms and flexible seating environments that will likely be shared by lots of students.


In traditional classroom designs, desks often face away from windows, directing attention towards a teaching desk or board. arranging dedicated seating for focused study and reading around windows and daylight can have a significant impact on student learning. likewise, different seating designs tell students what behaviour is expected in any given teaching environment.


Many schools are building more purpose spaces. this has led to an increase in demand for retractable seating to facilitate a given space that can be used in many different ways, e.g. in ‘sports mode’ it may have all seats retracted to allow maximum court space, then convert into a tiered seating arrangement for school plays and assemblies.


Well-made and comfortable classroom seating makes a big difference to a classroom’s overall productivity and concentration. classroom seating design should be functional, versatile and stylish.