COVID-19 What Can I Do?

- Mar 25, 2020-

COVID-19  What can I do?

To protect yourself and others from the new corona virus (Covid-19), you should apply the following hygiene measures:

1. If you have flu-like symptoms, stay at home.

2. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

3. Sneeze and blow your nose in a tissue handkerchief. Use each tissue only once and throw it away immediately in a covered rubbish bin.

4. You don't have a tissue? Sneeze or cough into your elbow.


Help us slow down the spread of the virus:

1. Stay at home as much as possible

2. Avoid shaking hands, kissing or hugging each other.

3. Watch out for those most at risk, i.e. people over 65 years of age, people with diabetes, heart, lung or kidney disease, and people with weakened immune systems, among others.

4. Contact between children and the elderly is not recommended. Children do not get seriously ill from the corona virus but they can spread it easily.

5. Keep enough distance (1.5 meters) when outdoors.

What should I do if I'm sick?

Do you have fever and/or respiratory problems (such as coughing and breathing difficulties)?

· Stay home

· Call your doctor and report your symptoms. Do not go to the waiting room or the emergency department. The doctor will determine by telephone whether you can stay ill at home or should go to hospital.