Daily Cleaning And Maintenance Methods Of EVERPRETTY Student Desks And Chairs

- Nov 10, 2020-

   Today I want to talk with you about what happened in your school days. Do you still remember the materials of the desks and chairs in your school when you were studying? Anyway, I used a wooden double desk and chair. Every time the school holds a general cleaning, we splash directly with water. As a result, when I was in class the next day, I found that the desks and chairs were all seeping, and it was particularly uncomfortable to sit. But now the desks and chairs provided by the school to students are made of steel desks and chairs combined with plastic, which makes it easier to clean and maintain. But do you know how to clean and maintain these steel and plastic desks and chairs?


    For sanitary cleaning of wooden desks and chairs, use a duster to remove dust and floating ash. Try not to scrub with water, unless there is no other way, you can use a damp soft cloth. Do not scrub with alkaline water, soapy water, washing powder, and other alkaline solutions to avoid affecting the brightness of the paint or causing the paint to fall off. The environment where wooden desks and chairs are located requires air circulation and is relatively dry. Never place wooden desks and chairs near fire sources or damp walls, and avoid direct sunlight.

    When cleaning and maintaining steel desks and chairs, avoid excessive direct contact with water to prevent rust and damage inside the desks and chairs. In addition, for the movement of students' desks and chairs, they should be handled with care, lift the desks and chairs off the ground, and never push or pull them to prevent the desks and chairs from loosening or damaging.

  The above is the maintenance and maintenance methods for student desks and chairs. I hope I can give you some help. At the same time, EVERPRETTY Furniture reminds everyone not to put corrosive materials on student desks and chairs, and regularly conduct a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of student desks and chairs.

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