Desk And Chair Design Principles Must Aim At Accompanying Students'learning And Growth.

- Jun 01, 2019-

Reasonable furniture design should be people-oriented, desks and chairs are of course the same. Desks and chairs should be well designed, naturally can not leave people's physiological and psychological characteristics, in line with the design of human mechanics can win everyone's favor. Now all walks of life are catching up with the trend, but at least the most comfortable desks and chairs are to meet the needs of students.

Another point is that the school is a very crowded place, people together desks and chairs use a large amount, so there is also a security guarantee. We can try to shake the table and chair vigorously to see if the structure is firm, and if the surface is not smooth enough, the uneven chairs are uncomfortable for everyone to sit on. If it is found that the edges of tables and chairs have obvious protrusions or sharp edges, it is obviously unqualified, even the manufacturers themselves will not use such chairs. It is also worth pointing out that safety is not only the structure of desks and chairs, but also the materials of desks and chairs should be focused on, because volatile poisonous substances attack, but a large number of people will fall down. In fact, safe and solid desks and chairs are not only for students, desks and chairs are quite a large amount of furniture purchased, reliable quality of desks and chairs can greatly reduce the repair rate, for schools or parents, but also more worry.

Finally, comfortable and healthy environment is what everyone wants to pursue, and students should have a comfortable learning environment. Health is what is said above. There is no harm to the body. As for comfort, it can create more satisfaction and comfort in the process of students'homework. Although homework itself is a painful process, it also needs to create more favorable conditions in the environment.

Desk and chair design is far from as simple as it seems, because in theory, desk and chair should meet the needs and characteristics of students, but it can not be done in practical application. The desks and chairs we see are often uniform, which takes into account the size or uniform placement of these problems, can not meet the unique needs of students.