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- Nov 25, 2020-

   From ancient times to now, we always know education is one of the most important parts for a country to have long-term development. As long as the country is developing and changing, you still need the education to make the whole society to have a qualitative change. But how we can make education come true instead we are just talking on paper and file. We need a place to make it happen, that is how we get to school. However, we can’t make a school to be the functional just name its school. We still need current furniture and tools to make it teachable. That is why we need school furniture.


   But there is so much furniture in school you will need, such as board, desks, and chairs, cabinets, lockers, bunk beds, etc. And there are so many manufacturers in the market. How does the purchaser know which one is good, and which one is bad? Here is some little advice, you can decide a manufacturer is good or not by those five aspects: History, Category, Real Factory, Certificate, and Exhibition. Why did we say you can see a manufacturer through those five aspects? Because firstly, if the factory has a long history in school furniture manufacture field, they must know what kind of material will suit your school the most. And also, long history means they get more experience in this field. Secondly, Category. Why we want to emphasize the importance of category is because the more specific they made in school furniture’s category, the more professional they are. They will get your idea and your requirements immediately, and they will make what you want for your school to come true one by one. Thirdly, in order to lay the foundation for the first two aspects, they will require to have a real factory, so they can manufacture and make the R&D part for you. Fourthly, everybody knows none can prove their product is really amazing and wonderful just by talking. So that will need certificates to prove the quality of their product. At last, the exhibition. Even though your product is so wonderful and they got so many certificates, you still need some way to show it up to everyone. So the more exhibition the manufacturer want to, we can more easily to know the product and the board.

So based on the five aspects we just discussed, we think we just find out the perfect manufacturer for you: EVERPRETTY Furniture. In the history part, EVERPRETTY has 26 years’ experience, and also we have focused on foreign trade at the same time. We have dealt with many countries in the Mid-East, Africa area. In category aspect, we can provide every furniture in the school, for example, the classroom desks and chairs, the library bookshelf, the dormitory bed, the Laboratory table, the teacher office workstation, the canteen table and chair and so on. In the real factory part, we have our own factory. If you arrive in Guangzhou, we sincerely welcome you to visit our factory. In the certificate part, normally we have SGS, ISO, TUV, and BV. But if you want a special certificate, we can handle it for you only. In the final part, we have exhibited our product in many exhibitions such as the Mumbai Exhibition and the Dubai Exhibition.

    If you want to see what specific product we sell in School Furniture, you can go to our website for getting more info. Here is our website: https://www.epgz.com/ Or if you already have your own layout or your requirements for what you want for your school, you can just send it to us. We have a professional designer team to help achieve whatever you want. Here is our email address: ceciliazhang@epgz.com

   We sincerely hope you will have a nice day.