Everpretty - One Stop Education Furniture

- Dec 10, 2020-

   The customized loose and fixed furniture designed to be aesthetic, robust, and versatile for every learning situation.

    We manufacture and install furniture for classrooms, science laboratories, kindergarten furniture, dormitory furniture, canteen furniture, library furniture, hospital furniture, design and technology, reception areas, cafe, and conference facilities, and changing rooms. We have experienced project managers to assist and advise in the specification of furniture and equipment for kindergarten, primary, secondary and university schools.


    Our Everpretty furniture design team can work with architects to develop inspirational learning environments for schools, colleges, and universities.


    We supply both fitted and lose education furniture, fixtures, and fittings - from lockers to bleacher seating to meet precise specification requirements and contractor deadlines. We work on new build projects and refurbishments for main contractors and directly with schools and universities if required.