Everpretty Teach You To Choose Furniture

- Oct 15, 2019-

1. Selection of glass furniture.

Glass home, must pay attention to the thickness of the glass, if possible, the best choice is tempered glass, can be a lot safer, a lot harder. Because it is heat-resistant after tempering, even if it is broken, the debris is not easy to hurt. There are children in the family who have the special attention of the elderly.

2. The choice of plastic furniture.

Plastic home, usually small items such as chairs, tables, shelves. For plastic products, the material needs to be analyzed, preferably with the grade of the material. Pay attention to the hardness and load-bearing capacity of plastics, and plastic products need to avoid weathering and exposure, otherwise it will shorten the life. Choose your favorite color quickly.

3. Choice of metal furniture.

For steel and metal, you can choose some imported plates, the thickness and quality will be better. Pay attention to the joint treatment between the plates and the welded parts. The surface of the paint, electroplating process, after treatment, the color is even, smooth, strong texture. Metal furniture, do not expose to the sun, collide, or put it in a humid environment.

4. The choice of solid wood furniture.

Wooden homes are divided into solid wood and non-solid wood. Solid wood furniture, choose the variety of wood, vintage, origin, thickness, color, pattern, these are the reflection of the price of the home, the value of the home. Non-solid wood selection is relatively simple. The overall wood products need to be maintained, waxed, and the air humidity is good. Check the interface regularly for looseness. If it is found, even if it needs to be repaired.

5. General wood selection.

One of the notes is the size and color, where is the place, height, depth, and width of the home. Secondly, choose a good style, what kind of furniture is needed, and you must understand your position. Finally, we must observe the work of the wood, the gap treatment on the surface, this is the factor that affects the future life. If you have children at home, try to choose a corner with a curvature.

Finally, Everpretty will provide professional advice for each customer, for reference only, welcome to buy.