Everpretty Teaches You How To Judge Furniture Formaldehyde

- Oct 28, 2019-


Smell - Formaldehyde adhesives generally evaporate a strong pungent odor. Inferior furniture can be seen with a slight smell on the nose. Conversely, if it is "zero formaldehyde" furniture, especially cabinet furniture, open the door, There will be a touch of fragrant grass with the nose smell is also the most convenient way to separate the formaldehyde.

Listening - listening with the ear, many sheets of furniture from the appearance of the wood is not good or bad material, but the backboard is a three-ply board, the thickness is very thin, you may wish to knock this sound by hand, if The sound is crisp and the apparent jitter is inferior.

Cutting - that is, observing the cut surface and edge of the sheet, different from the granular structure of the particle board (particle board), or the fine and smooth section structure of the MDF (MDF), the "zero formaldehyde" sheet will be unique in cross section. The dense layered structure. Therefore, when the furniture is assembled and assembled, the consumer is also more likely to observe and identify through the section of the punching and slotting.

What kind of furniture contains formaldehyde? In summary, most of the furniture will contain formaldehyde, but the formaldehyde content is more or less. It is recommended that people want to know the amount of formaldehyde in their furniture. The method is used for testing, and you can be more assured after testing. In addition to the problem of formaldehyde in the furniture, in fact, many materials in the decoration will have formaldehyde problems, which is the main reason for formaldehyde treatment after interior decoration.

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