Focus On Healthy Worldwide: How Far When We Reach To The Death? The Death Is Around Us All The Time

- Jun 18, 2020-

There are a lot of hard people around, and they have not noticed their health.

   In June this year, the famous medical journal "The Lancet" published a series of research reports. The study analyzed the causes of death among residents worldwide from 1990 to 2017, as well as the high-risk factors leading to death. According to the number of years of life lost (how many years less lived due to a certain disease), the study identified ten causes of death in 2017 from 282 causes of death. Studies have shown that stroke, heart disease, and COPD are currently the top three causes of premature death.


Why do so many people die from stroke? Are there any differences in stroke risk between different ages?

   Dr. Gregory Roth, a professor of health metrology at the University of Washington, said: The results remind us that stroke and other vascular diseases must be prevented at an earlier age. Young people should also consider long-term health risks and choose a healthy lifestyle.

An old doctor said: Prevention is more important than treatment, please don’t change your life for money, your life is gone, everything is gone...


Ranking the causes of death, this new disease structure presents new challenges.

     Chronic diseases, sub-health, etc. have become new health threats, which means that in the past, the way of relying solely on medical technology to improve the health level, the marginal effect is gradually diminishing. If we want to further improve the health of residents, we cannot rely on treatment alone, but should intervene in advance and improve the health of residents through prevention.


How to place our parents in an aging society?

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