Folding Training Chair, Convenient And Practical Office Furniture

- Oct 10, 2019-


Chairs are indispensable everywhere in life and work. Different chairs are designed to reflect different functions and are suitable for different occasions. In the office area, there are not only executive chairs, medium-sized chairs, but also training chairs, so we can purchase them according to the actual needs of the work. The following will introduce the folding training chair for everyone, let's learn about its various knowledge!


Folding training chair, narrowly defined is the seat chair that people sit on when they are working in the sitting position. The definition is broadly defined for all chairs used in office training rooms, including conference chairs. When the training chair is sitting down, the right hand side will be equipped with a P-type writing board, which can be used for writing records during meetings or training. Generally speaking, the writing board is divided into a plastic writing board and a tablet type writing board, and an iron book basket is also arranged at the bottom of the chair.


Classification of training chairs

1. From the functional distinction, it can be divided into multi-layer training chairs, training chairs with writing boards, and multi-functional training chairs.

2. From the composition of materials, there are cloth training chairs, mesh training chairs, plastic training chairs and so on.

3. From the occasion of use, there are mainly conference room training chairs, reading room training chairs, training classroom training chairs and laboratory training chairs.

4. From the type can be divided, there are four-legged training chairs, bow-type training chairs, row chair-type training chairs.


Folding training chair selection skills

1. Pay attention to the weld

If it is a folding chair with a steel frame structure, it should be noted that the welding place is smooth, there is no gap, and the surface coating is even and soft.

2. Note the thickness of the steel pipe

If it is a folding chair of aluminum alloy tube, it is best to buy a material of about 1.2 mm.

3. Pay attention to the firmness

You can use both hands to shake your front and back, shake it, and try the quality of the overall frame.

4. Pay attention to the quality of the cloth

If you buy a leather chair, you can use your fingers to pinch a place and pull it up. The rest is good and the hand feels good.

5. You can try to sit on your own, feel the comfort level, and change each angle to try to sit.