Furniture Classification

- Jun 24, 2020-

    Furniture refers to the broad categories of appliances and facilities essential for humans to maintain normal life, engage in production practices and carry out social activities. Furniture has also continued to develop and innovate following the footsteps of the times. Up to now, there are many categories, different materials, complete varieties, and different uses. It is an important foundation for establishing a working and living space.


1. According to the furniture style, it can be divided into: modern furniture, postmodern furniture, European classical furniture, American furniture, Chinese classical furniture, neo-classical furniture, new decorative furniture, Korean rural furniture, Mediterranean furniture.


2. The furniture is divided into: jade furniture, solid wood furniture, panel furniture, upholstered furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, steel-wood furniture, and other material combinations such as glass, marble, ceramics, inorganic minerals, and fibers Fabric, resin, etc.


3. According to functional furniture, it can be divided into office furniture, outdoor furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, children's furniture, dining room furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture (equipment) and auxiliary furniture.


4. The furniture is classified according to structure: whole furniture, disassembly furniture, folding furniture, combination furniture, even wall furniture, hanging furniture.


5. The furniture is classified according to the effect of modeling, ordinary furniture and art furniture.


6. According to the classification of furniture products, it can be divided into: high-end, middle-high-end, middle-end, middle-low-end and low-end.


7. Product origin division: It can be divided into imported furniture and domestic furniture, that is, international brands and domestic brands. There are many international brands in Shanghai and Guangdong, but some international brands are also produced in China. At present, Beijing and Guangdong, the largest domestic furniture production bases, have formed a north-south furniture alliance, but in recent years, furniture in Zhejiang is also rapidly rising. Others like Northeast, Sichuan, Hebei, and Shandong have some branded furniture, but the proportion is relatively small.


8. The furniture is divided into frame furniture, panel furniture, upholstered furniture, etc. according to the type of furniture structure.