Health Is More Important Than Its Price When Purchasing Furniture

- May 25, 2020-

   With the development of China's economy, the Belt and Road Initiative has also promoted business and trade cooperation between China and foreign countries, and the furniture industry has also risen. However, due to the increased environmental awareness of people, when buying school furniture, the focus is no longer on quality or price, but on Whether it is polluted, whether the amount of formaldehyde released exceeds the standard, etc. For this reason, steel furniture and solid wood furniture have become the first choice materials, and the formaldehyde emission has fully reached the national standard. The reason is: steel and solid wood materials, the formaldehyde content of the finished product is very low. Therefore, the price of high-standard materials is of course slightly higher. This is also natural. After all, everyone understands the truth of the penny. Especially in schools, children's health issues are not one of the most concerned issues for teachers and parents, so the purchase of school furniture is at a minimum.


  Looking for a manufacturer online need be careful, otherwise you will waste time and energy, and finally spend more money. EVERPRETTY School Furniture is positioned in the middle and high grades and is made of selected materials. It is definitely incomparable with low-cost and inferior products. Cheap is not good, everyone knows, compare to health, a little more expensive, the quality varies greatly.