Height Adjustable Student Table And Chair Which More Suitable For Their Body

- Aug 17, 2020-

       With the continuous expansion of enrollment in various countries and the gradual acceleration of the informatization process, the rapid development of campus hardware construction and the continuous introduction of various advanced equipment have improved the learning efficiency of students, but the desks and chairs that students use a lot every day are not exhausted. Pleasant. According to field surveys and sample surveys, more than 80% of students are dissatisfied with the campus desks and chairs currently in use. They believe that their design has many inconveniences in the use process. Various design defects in the desks and chairs can easily lead to physical fatigue and vision. Many phenomena such as decline and waist injury have affected learning efficiency and physical health. Therefore, the design of healthy, comfortable and humanized student desks and chairs has become a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Students spend most of their study time in front of desks and chairs. If the height of desks and chairs does not match the height of the students, it will directly affect the sitting posture of the students. This is one of the main reasons for the high incidence of myopia. In addition, it is also easy to cause Abnormal curvature of the spine affects students' learning and growth. Therefore, the design of student desks and chairs should be suitable for the growth and physiological characteristics of students, and good sitting habits should be cultivated to prevent myopia and abnormal spinal curvature.


       High-quality lifting student desks and chairs generally have water resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant, environmental protection, product guarantee, and so on. The desks and chairs that meet these conditions are only made of plastic steel. They will not deteriorate and deform when immersed in water, and are conducive to regular cleaning, ensuring that the desks and chairs used by students are tidy and clean, and they are not easy to get damp when cleaning the classroom floor. The product will not be deformed or deteriorated in the open air like a plastic steel window. The service life can reach more than 15 years. Students will not damage the body or damage the clothes and pants, and feel safe to use.

      As a whole, the desks and chairs of lifting students are neat and simple, with reasonable design and large space. Its market positioning is mainly on safety, and corresponding treatments are carried out on the basis of safety. The size of the desk is also designed according to ergonomics, and the size is reasonable. Decorate the lifting student desks and chairs with a simple and lively style, so that children are interested in the desks and attract their attention. Its quality is also good, paying attention to the reasonable combination of materials.

    Student desks and chairs are external tools for cultivating students to develop good habits. Therefore, it is necessary to buy good desks and chairs, which should be ergonomic. If the desks and chairs chosen are inappropriate, it will cause the students' sitting posture to be deformed, resulting in decreased vision and affecting the healthy growth of young people.