How The School Furniture Suit The Development Of Era

- May 28, 2020-

   With the development of era, teaching having the major changes, but in general, the design of classroom furniture has not changed at the same rate.How to keep school classroom furniture up to date with changes in teaching and learning captures four key elements: optional, comfort, versatility and connectivity.School classroom furniture design and configuration must be able to strengthen the participation of students in learning, and promote social and emotional learning. Let's talk about how to operate it.

    Modern classroom furniture configuration is very important for student to choose their sitting position and learning way, now lots of school classroom provide a variety of materials and sitting position to choose, such as standing learning table, soft seat and the traditional desk and chair to their selection.


The changes of teaching require to offer students a choose of learning table alone or discuss in a group to complete certain assignments.Using the movable student desk and chair that can be moved around the classroom and quickly rearranged for individual and group seating, allowing students to seamlessly switch from individual to group study as needed. When students need to change to another study item, they are able to walk around the classroom, and sit in the most meaningful place. They can sit down with two or three classmate and work on a project together.

Of course, in order for this work to take place in the classroom, teachers must overcome some problems and challenges.There is no good or bad classroom seat arrangement, only suitable or not, the suitable seat mode is likely to make teaching more effective, on the contrary, half the result with half the effort. According to different teaching objectives, teachers should flexibly adjust the three factors of seats, students and teachers in the classroom to share the advantages of different seat management modes.

In a word, the change is to suit development of era, the design of classroom furniture and the configuration scheme of school furniture should keep up with the development of The Times. Everypretty Furniture has been focusing on the overall solution and customization of teaching space for 26 years, providing students with desks and chairs, school dormitory furniture, large step classrooms or multimedia classrooms for international elite colleges and universities.