How To Buy School Desks And Chairs

- Jun 28, 2019-

1. The board of school desks, chairs and furniture should be environmentally friendly.

The school is the place where students are in contact with each other. Therefore, the school's chairs and furniture must be environmentally friendly and harmless. There are many boards for making school desks, chairs and furniture, such as solid wood board, particleboard, medium density board, large core board, etc., among which solid wood school furniture is the most environmentally friendly, so it is better to use solid wood for the desks, chairs and furniture chosen by students, and when purchasing, it is necessary to check the environmental protection test report. If the manufacturer refuses to provide the test report, then I suggest you see more.

2. The design of students'desks and chairs is smooth.

Students'desks and chairs should be designed smoothly. Why? Because most of the students are more active, or occasionally inadvertent, it will be easy to collide. Students'desks and chairs should choose to handle the edges smoothly without sharp sharp horns. It is better to wrap the desks and chairs with soft objects such as rubber bars, so as to avoid collision injury.

3. The desks and chairs are not too high

The desks and chairs are provided for students to write or study in class. If the desks and chairs are too high, it is not conducive to the correct learning posture of students, so that they are prone to fatigue, or even muscle strain because of this, so that students receive adverse physical and mental effects. Therefore, the best choice of school desks and chairs can be lifted, and to meet the ergonomics and design.

4. The color of desks and chairs should not be too bright.

Perhaps some schools will think that a more colorful color can give people a sense of vitality, that bright and bright colors help students form an optimistic, confident and lively character. But according to the display, the brighter the paint is, the more heavy metals it contains, such as lead, so the harmful substances in brightly colored desks and chairs are much higher than those in ordinary ones. Therefore, when choosing and purchasing, try to avoid brightly colored desks and chairs, furniture and so on.