How To Choose A High Quality Bunk Bed Manufacturer

- Dec 21, 2019-

    A hot topic in this year's student dormitory is whether to choose a bunk bed or a bunk bed? The bunk bed is clean, hygienic, and the space is relatively private. Bunk, convenient and safe. Rather than seeing students arguing, it is better to choose a university apartment bed with a bed on the upper floor and a table and cabinet on the lower floor.

School student apartment bed


    University apartment bed is the most private of all dormitory bed types, the best security performance, and the most cost-effective. Consists of beds, lockers, desks and ladders. To the greatest extent, the space utilization rate is increased, the storage function is increased, the space saving can also ensure the neatness and beauty of the dormitory environment, and the school building management is convenient. 

Student dormitory bed

    Everpretty apartment bed manufacturer is located in Guangzhou. The factory has been established for 24 years, and has rich production and sales experience. It has a 20-year experienced bidding project operation team. Customized manufacturers that can carry out independent research and development, design, production and sales according to customer needs. University apartment bed custom factory direct sales, looking for Everpretty dormitory furniture can be free of dormitory overall plan configuration renderings. We tailor it for you "one-on-one".


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