How To Choose School Furniture

- Oct 21, 2019-

Speaking of school furniture, I believe that everyone's mind will immediately think of various styles of desks and chairs, dining tables and chairs, apartment beds and so on. Regarding the choice of school furniture procurement, whether it is a teacher or a parent, I believe that the most concerned is definitely the safety factor.


The safety factors here mainly include two aspects. The first is whether the environmental protection is safe, whether the formaldehyde exceeds the standard; the second is whether the structure of the school furniture itself is safe. According to the latest national inspection results of school furniture product quality, the school furniture products have a failure rate of 30% in terms of safety.


Excessive formaldehyde emission may have a certain impact on the healthy development of students. The harm is self-evident, so when choosing school furniture, it must be purchased through regular channels. The selection of plates should avoid wood with a large amount of formaldehyde. Level), try to choose environmentally friendly PVC material instead.


In terms of the safety of school furniture structure, it must be noted that school furniture has dangerous sharp edges and dangerous sharp tips; whether the corners and edges have been rounded or chamfered. For example, whether the handle of the wardrobe is prominent or not, whether it is protected accordingly, to avoid the child's head being easy to touch; in the closed wardrobe, whether to open the vent hole, and to have a breathable mesh or similar Parts; drawers of classroom furniture are marked with warning signs, whether there are potential safety hazards, etc.


Everpretty furniture, combined with human mechanics, uses high-quality raw materials and humanized design to ensure student safety.