How To Distinguish The Quality Of Kindergarten Furniture?

- Oct 23, 2019-

Kindergarten furniture is an indispensable accessory equipment for kindergartens. Children learn by kindergarten desks and chairs, sleep in the morning bed, put clothes and shoes in the lockers, take interesting picture books from the bookshelf, and put the toys that are not to be played. Going back to the toy cabinet, etc., dealing with kindergarten furniture almost every moment. Kindergarten furniture not only greatly facilitates the children's learning life, but also the novel and interesting kindergarten furniture can even play a magical role in improving children's interest in school.


However, due to the imperfect management of the kindergarten furniture market, the kindergarten furniture market is mixed and mixed, and some poor kindergarten furniture manufacturers are mixed, resulting in the inferior kindergarten furniture market appearing in individual kindergartens. Their existence seriously threatens the health and safety of children. Then, how should kindergartens identify the quality of kindergarten furniture when purchasing kindergarten furniture?


1. Whether the selected raw materials are safe and environmentally friendly

Kindergarten furniture is mainly divided into wooden and plastic according to the raw materials used. However, it is also wooden, there are high-quality solid wood and inferior synthetic boards; the same is plastic, there are also environmentally friendly plastic materials and inferior plastic.


Kindergarten furniture made of inferior synthetic boards and inferior plastics not only have a short service life, but they also emit various harmful substances, which is very harmful to children's health. The child's physical resistance is lower than that of an adult. Therefore, kindergartens must strictly control the materials used in the purchase of children's furniture, choose high-quality solid wood or environmentally friendly plastic materials to create kindergarten furniture.


2. Whether the surface painting is environmentally friendly

In order to care for the children's skin, it is also considered to be aesthetically pleasing. The surface of the wooden kindergarten furniture will be sprayed with paint. However, there are also some unscrupulous manufacturers who use inferior paint in order to reduce costs, which makes kindergarten furniture not only emit an unpleasant smell, but even threaten the health of children. Therefore, when purchasing kindergarten furniture, kindergartens must check whether the paint on the surface of kindergarten furniture has odor, and should not buy inferior products for the sake of cheapness.


3. Is the furniture solid?

In recent years, news of children’s death from furniture collapse has occurred. Children are more active and active, driven by curiosity, or in the playful days of the week, they will touch the furniture. If the kindergarten furniture is not strong enough, it is easy to collapse, which will cause the child to be injured. Therefore, when buying kindergarten furniture, kindergartens should check whether the furniture parts are solid and solid. On the other hand, you can try to push it. It is best not to buy it if it is easy to collapse.


4. The details of the workmanship is exquisite

See the true chapter in a subtle way. This is the unchanging truth. A good piece of clothing, in addition to better materials, is also reflected in the details of meticulous stitches, smooth zippers and well-designed pockets. In the same way, a high-quality kindergarten furniture, in addition to stricter selection of raw materials, it is more detailed and meticulous in the details. Anti-bumping corner arc treatment, anti-skid and moisture-proof moisture-proof mat, fine surface grinding and polishing, anti-pinch cushioning hinges, etc. These are the essential details of high-quality kindergarten furniture.


5. Is the height consistent with the children's usage habits?

Kindergarten furniture is designed for children and it is different from ordinary furniture. Qualified kindergarten furniture must take into account the child's height and habits. As far as the kindergarten tables and chairs are concerned, the height of the tables and chairs is strictly required, and only when the height is appropriate, the children can maintain the correct sitting posture. If the table is too high and the stool is too short, the children will be particularly struggling to write homework, which is not conducive to the child's correct posture. Other kindergarten furniture is also true.


For kindergartens, teaching and educating people is a vocation, and it is equally important to care for the health and safety of children. The health and safety of children is directly related to the reputation and sustainable development of the kindergarten. Therefore, when purchasing kindergarten furniture, kindergartens must strictly control the quality and purchase high-quality and environmentally-friendly kindergarten furniture to provide a comfortable, safe and healthy learning and living environment for children.