How To Order The Dormitory Furniture In EVERPRETTY Furniture?

- Nov 02, 2020-

    There are countless dormitory bed manufacturers on the market, but there are really only a handful of manufacturers like EVEPRETTY dormitory furniture. We have a complete qualification certificate, as well as a tangible production plant, 26 years of long operating history and skilled bidding project operation experience, and finally free design solutions.

   So, how to order dorm beds with us?


Step one:

   Please send us your requirement for our email which is Kindly tell us what you want 

Step two: 

   Our service staff will reflect on the design department according to your specific needs and the situation of your site. Please design the design department for you free of charge to design the most suitable style design for you and the overall configuration plan of the dormitory. Then we will further communicate and confirm the details until you are completely satisfied with the plan.

Step Three: 

    After confirming the completion of the plan, we will provide you with a corresponding quotation according to the specific plan.

Step Four:

   Then we sign the contract and the order enters the production link. During the production process, we have professionals who monitor the production situation from time to time according to the details of the specific plan to ensure that the quality and type of the product are completely consistent with the content of the plan.

Step Five:

    When the production is completed, if you do not have an agent, we will provide you with cargo transportation services. If you have your shipping agent, we will transport it to your agent. After the shipping progress, we will help you to assemble the furniture with related video and related instruction. 

   The product ordering process of EVERPRETTY dormitory bed manufacturer is in these steps, but every step is critical. Especially in the confirmation of the plan, once an omission continues to the production stage, it will have a significant impact on both buyers and sellers. We also provide a 5-10 year warranty and after-sales service.

     If you are interested in our products, you can go to our website for more info. Here is our website: Or if you already have your own layout or your design. You can just send it to us. We have a professional designer team to help achieve whatever you want. Here is our email address: