Is The Strength Of The School Library Bookshelves Directly Related To The Thickness Of The Materials Selected?

- Oct 23, 2020-

     When choosing a school library bookshelf, perhaps everyone has the idea that the thickness of the material must be as thick as possible. Support columns, beams, and other components seem to be stronger as the thickness parameter is larger? Yifanmei School Furniture, which has 25 years of production experience, uses our past production experience to tell you: It is not like this. The quality of the school library bookshelves depends not only on the thickness but also on the choice of materials. Under the same thickness, the school library bookshelves made of high-quality materials are not of equal quality to those made of ordinary quality materials.


   The school library bookshelves of Everpretty Furniture are all made of cold-rolled steel. Bottom frame thickness: 2.5mm, column thickness: 1.5mm, hanging plate thickness: 1.0mm, shelf thickness: 1.0mm, top plate thickness: 0.6mm, side plate thickness: 1.0mm, V-shaped bookplate thickness: 0.6m. The welding part adopts high-standard fusion welding, and the surface is flat and smooth. Then through electrostatic powder spraying, the whole process is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless. The support plate of the shelf and the hook is stable and firm after being combined. The layer-to-layer spacing can be adjusted freely according to needs without a screw connection. The bookshelf is durable and lasts for 10 years.

    The material used for the school library bookshelf of school furniture is not as thick as possible but depends on the hardness of the steel itself. The reason why Everpretty Furniture has always insisted on using cold rolled steel is that only good materials can produce good quality products. Strict in material selection, beautiful in design, and loyal to quality, we are committed to continuously creating more and better products for customers.

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