Lab Furniture Table From EVERPRETTY

- Dec 31, 2020-

   How should you arrange a school science lab? You should have sturdy lab tables or complete laboratory workstations, with enough space for every student to work comfortably. The key point is that makes sure students are protected when using lab furniture.

    As we knew, the laboratory is divided into physics, chemistry, and biology, each has its own function, now I like to introduce it accordingly. Lab workstation features a flat top that provides a large work surface perfect for experiments, group projects, class demonstrations, and more. Sturdy and reliable furniture is one of the most important features in a science classroom. From freestanding storage cabinets to stools and everything in between, we have all the furnishings you need to keep your lab a safe and educational environment.

    Designed as a lab workstation for those schools privileged to serve students with special needs, they can also be used for standard classroom demos, with dual-side accessibility. The resin tops are resistant to most lab chemicals. The body construction is highly durable. Workstation is a great addition to a classroom laboratory. The extra-large work surface has a chemical-resistant finish. The solid epoxy sink comes with two combination water/gas fixtures. For safe storage of valuable scientific equipment, cabinets provide locked storage space.