Maintenance Of Beds In Student Apartments

- Jul 08, 2019-

   Student apartment beds are old, so how can it be considered as a good dormitory environment, so to find out the reasons leading to the old and old student apartment beds, and then focus on the maintenance, if there are safety problems, it must be reported and replaced in time, can not affect the normal use of students.

    Students also need to pay attention to daily cleaning and cleaning, students apartment bedside garbage and debris should be cleaned up in time to avoid stains sticking to it or smells sticking to it, as well as in and out of the windows and doors ventilated, the outside dust will float in and attach to the students apartment bed, the Institute. Clean up the dust every day.

   If the metal parts of the students'apartment beds rust, they will affect people when they sleep. This situation requires brushing anti-rust paint on a day when no one stays in the dormitory, so as to avoid the students can not bear the smell of anti-rust paint, and the wood part also needs to do a good job of anti-moth work.