Modern Dormitory Furniture

- May 30, 2019-

Students spend a lot of time in dormitories every day except sleeping time.

The dormitory not only carries the functions of study and sleep, but also is an important place for them to relax, establish social feelings and achieve psychological identity. This small square space is another home for many students.

Most people move into the collective dormitory after the first feeling is lack of privacy, so there is a curtain hanging on the bed behavior, although a thin curtain is neither sound-proof nor cold-proof, but also quietly enhance the privacy of the dormitory, but it is worrying that the high wall between dormitory members will also be set up.

At the same time, we also began to think, does a real dormitory really exist in a "public area"?

Differences in living habits can cause discomfort between people. For example, some people can't accept the light when they sleep, others can't accept the strong shaking when their roommates get out of bed.

In the design of living environment, some elements with powerful functions can minimize the contradictions caused by differences in living habits. For example: adjustable light source, stable bed structure, independent receiving system, etc. The division of public areas and private areas can well divide private life and public time.