Multifunctional Desks And Chairs Are More Healthy And Environmentally Friendly

- Oct 13, 2020-

    As an international new-type multi-functional desk and chair standard implementation manufacturer, Everpretty Furniture focuses on the education industry and is committed to making the learning environment of students healthier and more environmentally friendly. The compressed board and steel frame structure used in traditional wooden tables and chairs can cause formaldehyde pollution, and this material is easy to crack in high or low-temperature environments. And the wooden material is not waterproof, and the steel frame is easy to rust. The service life of this structure is only 3 years, and there are many drawbacks. Everpretty Furniture has solved the above problems through self-developed technology.


   The teaching multifunctional desks, chairs, and cabinets produced by Everpretty Furniture are made of a new environmentally friendly material: high polymer polypropylene (PP). This material is non-toxic, tasteless, formaldehyde-free, has corrosion resistance and impact resistance, fireproof, waterproof, and easy to clean. In terms of details, Everpretty Furniture is constantly improving. These include a stable lifting device design, a foot design that can be finely adjusted, a wear-resistant design for key parts, and a diversified functional design. It aims to provide students with a more environmentally friendly and comfortable learning environment.

   To make the design of our desks and chairs more reasonable, in addition to taking into account the requirements of practicality, economy, and beauty, we also use the principles of ergonomics to make the dimensions of the desks and chairs fit the needs of young people’s physical growth and ensure Students have a healthy and good learning posture, thereby effectively improving learning efficiency, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

   Everpretty Furniture's philosophy is to enable thousands of students and teachers to use scientific, healthy, environmentally friendly, and beautiful school furniture so that the campus hardware facilities can keep up with the fast-developing new teaching concepts and campus construction level as soon as possible.

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