Notices For School Furniture Purchase

- Jul 01, 2019-

The safety factors here mainly include two aspects, the first is whether environmental protection is safe, whether formaldehyde exceeds the standard; the second is whether the structure of school furniture itself is safe. According to the latest results of the national supervision and spot check on the quality of school furniture products, the unqualified rate of school furniture products in terms of safety is as high as 30%.

It is self-evident that the excessive release of formaldehyde may have a certain impact on students'health and development. Therefore, when choosing school furniture, we must purchase it through regular channels. We should avoid the plywood with high formaldehyde content (pay attention to the grade of the plywood) and try to choose environmentally friendly PVC material instead.

In terms of structural safety of school furniture, we must pay attention to whether there are dangerous sharp edges and dangerous sharp points in school furniture, and whether the edges and edges have been rounded or chamfered. For example: whether the handle of the wardrobe is prominent, whether there is appropriate protection, to avoid children's head easy to touch; whether to open ventilation holes in the closed wardrobe, and equipped with well ventilated mesh or similar components; whether there are warning signs in the drawers of classroom furniture, whether there are security risks, and so on.