Problem For Single Desks And Chairs In School Need To Be Solved

- Aug 11, 2020-

    The Quality issues of the single-person desks and chairs in schools is paying most attention. Inside the quality issues, the safety, environmental protection, health and comfort part are indispensable for any of it. The brand influence of a school furniture manufacturer is very significant, and the influence of quality for the product is far exceeding the influence of the brand. But it doesn't mean there is not any new requirements will show up apart from the quality issues. At present, what existing problems do we need to solve to make the school's single desks and chairs more suitable for students' needs?


  1. Solve the unreasonable size in the current design, such as: the space under the desk is narrow, and the legs cannot be stretched in it; the desk size is too narrow to place textbooks and stationery; the angle of the seat is too much and the seat is uncomfortable; The distance between them is too small and it is inconvenient to enter and exit.

  2. Solve some problems that cannot be adjusted in height.

  3. Solve the problem of single color and rigid shape in the design of single desks and chairs in schools.

  4. Combining ergonomics to solve functional problems as much as possible, and reduce injuries to the waist, neck, shoulders and back of the human body.

  5. Solve the problems of waste of materials that are not environmentally friendly, not good quality and cheap, and economical.

  6. The longevity of any product is inseparable from innovation. Only innovation can make enterprises go further and higher. The same goes for single school desks and chairs. Only by constantly adapting to the changes of students can we make desks and chairs that satisfy everyone.

   Under the existing product production model, manufacturers of single-person desks and chairs in schools need to implement a rapid response mechanism to effectively prevent and solve problems in a timely manner. Under the serious influence of product homogeneity, school furniture companies have a development dilemma that lacks innovation in design. In this case, starting from the problems of existing products and continuously solving them, you may be able to be more inspired in this process.