School Furniture Manufacturers' Selection Strategy Sharing

- Jun 30, 2020-

    What is the most important part that you should consider when you are purchasing furniture? Here is some part you should pay attention.

01 Stable and safe material

   Students are the flowers of the motherland. The main point of school furniture selection must be the safety issue. The lack of protection of the human body is nothing but the rest. Therefore, it is recommended that you can go to the site in person and try to sit and feel. The desks, chairs, and student dormitory beds are not shaken, will they be too soft, and are there any sharp corners that are handled well? These questions are all related. The safety of employees is also a detail that protects enterprises from unnecessary troubles.

02 Material safety
    The furniture used in the campus, whether it is student desks and chairs, student dormitory furniture, school office furniture, the environmental protection and safety of the materials must be highly demanded and meet the national environmental protection standards for indoor furniture, which is more conducive to ensuring indoor air Health, there will be no excessive harmful substances that affect the health of employees.


03 Humanized design

    Humanized design mostly refers to ergonomics, which is a human-centered, applied discipline where people and school furniture echo each other. The design of school furniture can meet the ergonomics. The human body is not easy to feel tired during continuous long-term learning, and there will be no severe stiffness after sitting for a long time, which is conducive to protecting the human spine and ensuring physical and mental health.


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