Steel Fume Hood Of Lab Furniture

- Nov 22, 2019-

Fume Hood 1

    Today, let us learn about the fume hood, Fume hood is an indispensable part of laboratory furniture,

which plays the role of ventilation and ventilation in laboratory. The structure of the fume hood is upper and lower, and there is an air vent at the top. The upper cabinet has reverse flow plate, circuit control touch switch, power outlet and so on;

The function of controlling wind speed:

   In order to discharge different types of gases effectively, the wind speed of the fume hood must be controllable. The wind speed of the non-toxic pollutant is 0.25-0.3m/s; The toxic pollutant is 0.4-0.5m/s; A highly toxic or radioactive object is 0.5-0.6m/S. Whether the surface wind speed of the fume hood meets the safe wind speed requirement stipulated by the international standard: 0.5 m/s

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