The After-sale Service Of Furniture Business Is Getting More Attention By People

- Jan 23, 2020-

    With the gradual development of the economic era, people's living standards are correspondingly improved, and there have been different changes in home purchase and purchase, from the previous applicable home to beautiful; from the choice of quality to branded homes; from good after-sales service to environmentally friendly homes. The various home building materials stores are also constantly competing in terms of price, quality, and after-sales service, and then make every effort to occupy the sales market and retain more consumers. What kind of methods are used to defend rights in the case of home building materials? When e-commerce is booming, is it better to choose online shopping or physical stores?

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90 per cent citizens give priority to comprehensive home furnishings when buying furniture

    After passing the statistical survey questionnaire, the reporter found that nearly 90% of people choose a comprehensive home furnishing store when buying home building materials, followed by the building materials market. Brand independent shops and online malls seem to have fewer choices, and more young people. As the aunt Wang Wang said, buying a home must definitely go to a shopping mall-like physical store for a viewing experience, and then make a choice. People who only know the appearance on the Internet ca n’t feel it, and they can only choose some brand-name stores with a reputation And once the online purchase has quality problems, you need to courier back to the merchant, and rights protection is also troublesome. At the same time, before choosing to buy furniture, more and more consumers are paying attention to whether the merchant has comprehensive after-sales service, and the brand is second.


80% of consumers believe the after-sales service is the worst

   The questionnaire also shows that 80% of consumers have encountered irregularities in merchant after-sales services, exaggerating product features and even false publicity. After the survey on the satisfaction of major merchant stores, data shows that 50% of consumers believe that the quality of the home market is not guaranteed, the same prices are different in the major stores, the after-sales service is poor, and the integrity is not high enough. Indicates that the hypermarkets need to improve the corresponding services. After purchasing home building materials and other products online, consumers generally believe that sudden changes in prices, no refund mechanism, inconsistent pre-sale and after-sale information, no on-site service, no network warranty, no warranty mechanism, and return delivery costs are borne by consumers. Let consumers compare headaches. After encountering problems with the purchase of home building materials (including online shopping) or decoration, nearly 60% of consumers will directly contact the merchant to solve the problem, and 20% of the citizens will post Weibo, forum posts and other methods to expose the bad problems of the merchants. Some consumers will choose to seek help from the media or the Consumer Council. The survey also shows that 90% of consumers believe that the most important thing for home stores is to ensure product quality. Strengthening after-sales service and price transparency are also issues that consumers are more concerned about.

(Source: Shenzhen Evening News)