The Choice Of School Dormitory Beds In A Warm And Comfortable Learning Environment Is One Of The Keys

- Oct 16, 2020-

   Nowadays, everyone is pursuing a high-quality life, even students. After all, sleeping well is a trivial matter, but unsafe sleeping is a major matter. If the school dormitory environment is extremely poor, it is a small matter to affect the mood of the students, and it will also affect the quality of sleep of the students.


   The dormitory iron beds produced by Everpretty Furniture are die-casted with 2mm thick cold-rolled steel as raw materials. Everpretty Furniture’s dormitory beds use an interlocking design so that there will be no creaking noises. And because of the plasticity of the cold-rolled steel plate, the column can be made into a hollow profiled style. The biggest advantage of this style is that the inside and outside of the plate can be pickled and phosphate, so that it is not easy to rust. The appearance is simple and atmospheric, without the slightest extra patterns and textures. The various parts of the bed are connected upside down and snapped together, and long-term load-bearing will make it tighter and tighter. Secondly, the beams and columns of the bed are all strengthened, which is very stable.

   Everpretty Furniture has been focusing on the school furniture industry for 26 years. We strictly demand ourselves and strive for perfection. Always keep the safety of customers in mind. If you are interested in our product, you can go to our website for more info. Here is our website. Or if you already have your own layout or your design. You can just send it to us. We have a professional designer team to help achieve whatever you want. Here is our email address: