The Height Of Desks And Chairs Becomes The Factor Of Juvenile Myopia

- Dec 21, 2019-

    The myopia rate of students is 7.19% in kindergarten, 31.12% in primary school, 75.41% in middle school, 76.95% in vocational high school and 88.09% in ordinary high school according to the report.

Whether the height of desks and chairs used by students matches their height is one of the factors of myopia in teenagers.

    And then How can we solve this problem ?

    EVERPRETTY give you the best solution.

·   We design adjustable height desks and chairs to prevent myopia in students, Because adjustable desks and chairs can be applied to the height of most students, in this way, schools can reduce the cost of replacing desks and chairs, at the same time, We don't have to worry about students' myopia.