The Positive Role Of Campus Furniture In Learning Environment

- May 18, 2019-

Teaching classroom has evolved from static physical space to dynamic learning environment. The reason for this evolution is to better understand students'learning styles and their ability to apply this understanding through more effective teaching methods. Of course, with the change of teaching methods, teachers'teaching tools will also change, including campus furniture.

The immovable desks and chairs of teacher's platform will be the past

Mobility is an important feature of furniture in cooperative learning classroom. Therefore, the teachers'desks, students' desks and stools are equipped with movable casters. Without them, the movable desks and chairs are like a migrating demon to the pupils. Re-configuring the classroom will destroy the progress of teaching courses and learning projects.

Consider different ways of learning

Classroom support for passive and active learning curriculum in the 21st century. It simplifies the transition from lecture style to learner-led and teacher-guided courses. The classroom can use analog and digital visual demonstration technology for teaching.