There Are So Many Styles Of Bunk Beds In The Student Dormitory On The Market, Are You Already Picky?

- Jun 08, 2020-

    In the summer vacation, many schools will take advantage of the opportunity of students leaving the school to update the campus equipment. So when buying school dormitory furniture and student dormitory beds, how can we choose a good student dormitory bed with high quality and low price?


  The editor teaches everyone to choose from the following aspects:

1. Raw materials

    The bunk beds in the student dormitory are the most important furniture for students in school life. They must be safe and reliable. The school must make certain requirements for raw materials when purchasing, to ensure that the bed frame is thick and stable, and it is not easy to fall apart. The purchaser can ask the manufacturer to show the relevant materials of the material when choosing, and have specific instructions on the thickness parameters and load-bearing performance of the material.

2. Appearance design

    There are many styles of bunk beds in student dormitories. There are more styles for choice. Buyers need to have some safety design standards stipulated by the country when choosing. Which style is more safe and which products are suitable for which grades. For example, the bunk beds in the Everpretty dormitory are designed with a snap-on lock, which is safe, stable, quiet and comfortable, and is designed for heightened guardrails: the height reaches 300mm, which is about 20% higher than other manufacturers' products. It is safe enough to use.


3. Production Process

   The production process is relatively easy to be ignored by buyers. In fact, for the student group to use such dormitory furniture, the production process is more important. For example, the welding of the iron bed in the bunk bed welding process of EVERPRETTY dormitory adopts carbon dioxide protection welding. The surface of the iron plate is degreased, derusted, phosphatized electrostatic powder sprayed, and cured at high temperature. Such an apartment bed and the service life of the bunk bed beds of the student dormitory are improved, and at the same time it is beautiful and atmospheric.

4. Inspection report

   Qualified manufacturers have undergone quality testing when the height of the student dormitory bed leaves the factory, and only qualified equipment is shipped. Checking the quality inspection report for the purchase of the dormitory height bed can help customers understand what tests have passed the dormitory height bed and whether they are all qualified. To be aware of it. 

    Starting from the above points, I believe it can help you to understand the height of the student dormitory bed, and then choose the suitable dormitory bed for students.