Tips For Choosing Classroom Furniture

- Nov 08, 2019-

As environmental performance has been valued, many school furniture have begun to advertise "zero formaldehyde". Professionals say that zero-formaldehyde school furniture is almost non-existent, but safety and environmental protection are still a factor in selecting school furniture. In addition, creating a dream world for children is the wish of many parents. There is also a certain method and ambiguity in the matching and maintenance of school furniture. Learning to use well can make children more space.


1. Inferior school furniture variable weapon or harm the child

In addition to environmental protection, safety is also a special consideration in the selection of classroom furniture. The General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture, which was implemented in August 2012, has many mandatory provisions for the safety of classroom furniture. For example, classroom furniture cannot have dangerous sharp edges and tips. The outer corners can be contacted at a height of 1600 mm below the ground. And the edge part needs to be rounded or chamfered, and the rounding radius is not less than 10mm, or the inverted arc length is not less than 15mm. If there is a dangerous protrusion, a protective cap or cover is added to protect it.


2. The color is vivid and lively, but it should not be too bright.

Childhood is a good time for children's creativity and character formation. Bright colors can attract children's attention and curiosity to stimulate children's creativity. Studies have shown that children with a more introverted and weaker character should use school furniture with strong contrasting colors; children with more temperament should use school furniture with soft lines and elegant colors. In any case, when choosing a home color match for your child, you should not use dull school furniture. However, some insiders reminded that the color of school furniture comes from paint. According to the mechanism test, the brighter the color of the paint, the more heavy metals such as lead, which are mainly caused by the lead compounds contained in the paint. Tests show that among the 23 samples containing lead paint, the orange paint has the highest lead content, followed by yellow, green, brown and so on. Therefore, parents should not choose school furniture that is too bright.


3. Use glass material with caution.

In addition to environmental protection and safety, the material is a very important element for parents to purchase classroom furniture for their children. Sales staff reminded that, in general, classroom furniture is not suitable for ordinary glass. If you consider the aesthetics and other reasons, you must use a transparent material. It is recommended to use tempered glass or organic sheet instead.