What Are The After-sales Service In Our EVERPRETTY Furniture

- Aug 21, 2020-

     After-sales service in the furniture industry is mainly to help customers solve problems encountered during use. According to our 26 years of production and sales experience, 99% of customers attach great importance to after-sales protection. EVERPRETTY Furniture will include after-sales service in the sales contract when selling any school furniture product. We will clearly indicate the duration of the warranty, the distribution of responsibilities, a detailed description of the response mechanism, etc. We will provide each customer with the most comprehensive and thoughtful service guarantee.


1. After-sales service items are more comprehensive

   There are many types of school furniture products. Normally, a regular school purchases at least classroom desks and chairs, teacher office desks and chairs, dining room desks and chairs, dormitory furniture products, and more comprehensive library furniture, experiments Room furniture, etc., with so many school furniture being used at the same time, the probability of problems is much higher. Customers definitely hope that when these products have quality problems, there will be personnel responsible for solving them, and there will be corresponding after-sales plans to deal with them. EVERPRETTY Furniture has rich service experience and experienced technicians to ensure customers worry-free after-sales. Of course, we have paid great attention to quality during production and insisted on only producing high-quality school furniture to ensure the safety of our products.

2. The warranty commitment time is longer

   The content of after-sales service provided by each school furniture manufacturer is different, some are free, some are charged. Obviously free ones are easier to get customers’ approval, but what is the scope of free warranty and replacement? How long is the validity period? Guangdong Yifanmei school furniture manufacturer promises that the warranty period is 10 years, because our product quality makes both buyers and sellers very satisfied confidence!

3. The response is more timely

   Sometimes I hear or see complaints from customers: such a big school furniture brand reported a repair, but it took a week for the maintenance staff to come....There was a problem during the installation, call the customer service, not to mention sending someone to repair it. , I have been asking this to determine that, just to shirk responsibility... Complaints or complaints like this are not only common in other industries. It is even more common in the furniture industry. Some are indeed unable to transfer personnel, while others are obviously because businesses do not want to take responsibility. The response mechanism of EVERPRETTY Furniture is: feedback to the technical staff within 2 hours, the technical staff submits the solution within 24 hours, and the after-sales problem is solved within 72 hours.

The above is the detailed explanation of EVEPRETTY Furniture's after-sales service. We are a professional R&D and design merchant, as well as a manufacturer integrating production and sales. Of course, after-sales service is also our responsibility. Cooperating with Yifanmei school furniture manufacturers, we strive to let each customer complete the procurement work with peace of mind and worry.