What Are The Maintenance Methods Of Desks And Chairs In School Furniture Ladder Room

- May 08, 2019-

1. Let students develop the consciousness of protecting desks and chairs

We can't scribble desks and chairs, deliberately damage them, play with them, and throw them around in fights.

2. Placement

Because some staircase rooms are not very airy, when no students use them, you can open the doors and windows of the staircase room for ventilation, and avoid direct sunlight.

3. Cleaning

Dust on the table can be gently swept with a feather duster first, then wet a little water with a clean cloth, and then wipe, pay attention to the steel table feet wet cloth can not be wiped, to avoid rust after touching the water.

4. Mobility

The desks and chairs in the ladder room are very heavy, so be careful when you move them. Use them to lift, not push or pull them.