What Is The Main Reflection Of The Quality Of The School Table And Chair

- Aug 19, 2020-

    The quality of student desks and chairs is directly related to the service life and experience of the desks and chairs in the future. The improvement of the quality of student desks and chairs is mainly in two points: raw materials and craftsmanship.

  1. Raw Materials

   The raw materials of student desks and chairs need to be environmentally friendly, odorless, and formaldehyde emission qualified raw materials, especially the desks and chairs of the desks. The desks are directly in contact with the students and are the main place for students to learn. Student desks and chairs with qualified formaldehyde emission and harmless to students; if the raw materials are not environmentally friendly materials, we all know the harm of formaldehyde to students, ranging from dizziness to death.


  2. Craftsmanship

    Student desks and chairs have stricter requirements on the process, and the steel frame welding parts are fully welded by fully automatic welding robots. The welding joints are smooth and free of burrs and weld bumps, avoiding the phenomenon of desoldering, missing welding and virtual welding, and ensuring the stability of the overall table frame. The surface is treated with sand and rust, environmentally friendly powder electrostatic spraying, and it can be used after high temperature curing. The whole spraying process has no peculiar smell, and the formaldehyde emission is qualified to ensure that the students will not suffer any harm during the use process. One-time injection molding and sealing around the tabletop, no interface, no cutting edge, to ensure that students will not be scratched during use. The four corners are chamfered, which greatly reduces the injuries caused by collisions. The table bucket is made of cold-rolled steel plate in one-time stretch forming, and the table bucket mouth is designed with curling, no interface, no burr, no blade, to ensure the use of students. The plastic table bucket is injection-molded with environmentally friendly materials, with no interfaces, no burrs, no blades, high bearing capacity and large space, providing students with a good learning environment.

    Of course, in addition to choosing high-quality raw materials and production process standards for a good desk and chair, its design innovation cannot be ignored. Student desks and chairs must conform to various scientific principles such as ergonomics, best angle of view, body pressure sharing, etc. This can improve the comfort of desks and chairs, allow students to concentrate more quickly, and improve their listening efficiency.